The population rate is slowing down while the global climate is heating up. We as a people expect more appliances and energy to enhance the quality of life. The buildings that we work and live in require that energy. The good news is that the energy that we need can be supplied to those same buildings from renewable sources. That allows all of us to do more using fewer fossil fuels and lightening our carbon footprint.

Standard solar panels can, of course, be added to the buildings but we believe that there is an even better way forward. Using glass with laminated cells as the weathering skin of the building preserves its integrity without penetrations. It also allows an insulation plenum that protects energy cable and becomes a source for thermal that can be drawn for space heating, domestic hot water or geothermal.

Imagine if Puerto Rican homes had been built with such energy harvesting from inception! We are currently working with a company on the island to realize that in the rebuilding even as the people there face another hurricane season months away.

Please stay tuned as we keep you up to date on this effort.

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