Our company history is like a multistage rocket. Our initial product innovations and launch origins are Swiss. Recognizing the US solar opportunity, the original company established a plant in eastern Virginia in 1996 that began serving North America. By 2001, that plant was a wholly USA owned company, Atlantis Energy Systems, Inc. In 2007 the plant was moved to Poughkeepsie, NY to make shipments and infrastructure more convenient. The company kept its consistent focus on aesthetics and building science as opposed to the industry standard of adding standard solar panels onto a building. Our projects were shaped by the architects that were designing for their clients. The latest stage began in 2017 as two new, exciting companies and new collaborations.

The two new names and companies, Aesthetic Green Power (AGP) and Sustainable Products Development Laboratory (SPD Labs), say it all. We are passionate for a green and sustainable future as a necessity. We are convinced that the future is with BIPV. The factory SPD Labs has now become an enterprise controlled by Columbia University. Their graduate and post grad engineers will be developing new and improved technologies for the builder communities. They will also be continuing improved product lines begun by Atlantis. SPD Labs will continue using the same quality production equipment. A new, very large vacuum pressure chamber will be installed by Fall 2017 and will be made available to other companies in the solar industry. High quality testing for product certification will also be available. Sales and marketing of the production will be handled by Aesthetic Green Power headquartered in Poughkeepsie, NY. AGP will continue to work with architects and clients in collaboration with the SPD Labs technical team to produce the highest quality BIPV products.