How to Order

This process usually begins with an email from you describing the project and your ideas for it that might involve us. Please be as complete as possible. Together we can arrive at a great solution.

If your project requires maximum solar electric out put then a dense pattern of cells is required. If it needs greater visual light and the drama of cell shadows moving on walls or support columns then a looser pattern of cells will work best. We have examples of these.

For high wind or snow load areas we will need the environmental constraints for the type and thickness of glass required.

Below is our Budgetary Quote Request Form. Optionally, you can download the "Module Design Worksheet" PDF below and fill out offline...

Sample Cell Layout

Module Design Worksheet PDF
(download & fill out)

Rock Valley BIPV Brochure PDF

ASTM 1172 PDF – Standard Specification
for Laminated Architectural Flat Glass

For 'Other', please describe here: