Sustainability and the future of buildings


In 2017 Frank Pao, who privately held Atlantis Energy Systems Inc gave it and its production facility to Columbia University. He reasoned that the school could educate its engineers in the business of protecting the environment and climate. The Pao Lab was instituted at the Poughkeepsie NY plant to train students and test materials. It is governed under the aegis of the School of Engineering at Columbia University. The Pao Lab  is distinct from Aesthetic Green Power. We can of course participate in research activities with the Pao Lab following rules and regulations of Columbia University, as any other private company.

Meanwhile across the plant is the Sustainable Product Development Lab. This center is run by Frank Pao and is committed to developing the next generation of sustainable building materials. We see this a crucial contribution to make smarter, more energy conserving and more energy self supporting buildings of the future.