Building and Energy

Vision is essential. Throughout our organizational changes from our Swiss roots to our Atlantis Energy days to Aesthetic Green Power the focus has been how to supply beautiful power systems that are a part of the building process and not something that is tacked on as an afterthought. In 2009, the UK firm Frost and Sullivan our predecessor Atlantis Energy Systems, Inc. as World Niche Player of the Year. That would simply not have happened if we were uncertain of our mission. We believe that we and our renewable energy allies are all in on changing industries’ methods of building habitations and structures that carry their own energy weight.

Increasingly we are playing a role in developing and promoting transportation systems for higher density markets that can be fueled on a solar budget. This is a direct result of earlier efforts on the shelter side of sustainable energy.

TallSlates with high powered back contact cells that allow a mono color look to the roof. It is designed to incorporate into a natural slates roof plane.

This is not just a marketing position; it is a necessity for sustainability and human survival. For more details, please view Frank Pao's Presentation (PDF file) on Building Integrated Systems to achieve Net Zero Energy >>