Frequently Asked Questions (Commercial)

What curtain wall systems can you work with?
– We can work with any. By specifying the glass requirements and junction boxes we will build to suit.

Does Aesthetic Green Power design the wire harnesses for the build?
– We do not. We rely on the Electrical Engineer for the building to layout the harness design. We will supply pigtails to the modules that will intercept those harness appropriately.

Can you supply special glass?
– We can and do. We do not supply plexiglass solutions however since our laminators are glass only.

What about special cells?
– We have and worked with numerous cell suppliers including brilliant color cells, higher powered cells and in different sizes.

Are these certified e.g. UL or Intertek?
– They often are but ultimately that is up to the buyer. Certified often require lengthy queues and are expensive. Sometime we have demonstrated to a client and their permitting office that we are using the same previously certified materials and it was approved by the permitting office save 6 months of waiting and over $100,000 in certification fees.

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