AGP’s new hybrid product, dubbed TallSlates BITERS™ (Building Integrated Thermal Electric Roofing System), is designed to be hoisted pre-assembled, onto an existing roof or  a new construction roof.   All internal systems can be preinstalled in the home prior to the units’ arrival producing  dramatic labor and insurance savings  for the roofing contractor. The units are then  lowered into place by crane  onto preset cleats  attached to the roof  and securely locked down. They are then plumbed to the in-house connecting lines. Once installed a roof can either be finished out to its surrounding edge with slates or left as is on an asphalt shingle roof.

BITERS’ intended market is custom homes, manufactured homes and the production home market.

  • Building Integrated PV and Thermal system cools the TallSlates allowing them to be more productive.
  • Speeds up the installation processes saving labor costs.
  • Each BITERS framework can be linked to neighboring frameworks.
  • The thermal can be pre installed.
  • The resulting thermal can  heat a pool or jacuzzi, domestic hot water, geothermal or heat pump intake.
  • The TallSlates are designed to install into a natural or ceramic slate roof.
  • A leak proof solution.
  • The system is offered in two different solar roofing products.
  • TallSlates with (12) 4’x 1’ BITERS slates, totaling 672 Watts. Depending on orientation and location thermal will be 1.5x to 2.5x solar electric production 
  • TallSlates Grandee with (4) 12’ square modules on same frame. Total Watts for the four is 785 Watts.

For more information about the system, call 916-896-6876 or call our plant to order (845) 709-2385.